If you are interested in playing with me just add your name to the sign up sheet.  The sign-up sheet and will become the Table of Contents for the book.   I will mail the book to the first person on the list to begin the journey.

The subject of this book collaboration is, gifts of my friends.  It is about the gift of our friendship, the memories we share, moments still to come, wisdom exchanged.  When you are finished with your entry, please scan or photograph your work and email it to me for upload. 

After I receive your images, I will give you the address of the next person on the list so you can ship directly to the next friend.  *This is a personal collaboration of friends only, and not open to the public.

Once the book is complete and all the images have been uploaded, I will give you instructions on how to download the entire content into a book publishing platform so that you can have your own copy printed.  I will include high res images of the front and back covers, interior of covers, cover page, table of contents, spine etc. for an exact replica.

Here are the so-called rules:

  • Please use no more than 4 pages or 2 full page spreads.
  • Please complete your work within 2 weeks as others are eagerly awaiting their turn.
  • Please number your pages.
  • Please do not remove any pages - pages will break lose from the binding because it's very old. *I will be re-binding the book after all the work is sent back to me.
  • Please do not alter the images of another artist without permission.
  • Please sign the card in the back of the book, add your page numbers and use the enclosed stamper to add the date your work was added.
  • Please do not send your book to anyone other than the friend after you on the list, address will be provided.  This is project is not open to the general public.
  • Please scan or photograph your work and email me the photos before shipping.  (I will be scanning the book in it's entirely upon completion.)  I will then email you the address of the next participant.
  • When mailing book, please send priority mail with tracking AND insurance - I don't want this book to get lost because we will treasure it forever! 

You can use nearly any medium of expression:
  • Yes, you may use a bit of gesso as a base layer
  • Yes, you may do black out poetry
  • Yes, you may do transfer prints
  • Yes, you may add photography a/o ephemera 
  • Yes, you may stitch onto the pages
  • If you like to work on canvas you may glue canvas paper to the page. You can also find sticky back canvas at your local craft store.

Thank you for the gift of your friendship, I've been looking forward to the "one-day" for a VERY long time.


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